Five ‘must-haves’ all uber-luxury real estate should include

Five ‘must-haves’ all uber-luxury real estate should include

How do you define ‘uber-luxury’ in property terms? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, trying to discover the elements that make a property a cut above others. 

I’ve surveyed global markets – even though there’s a remarkable amount of uber luxury property right here on our doorstep – and compiled a list of some elements which comprise a truly ‘uber luxury’ experience. 

Space, I believe, is key to an uber-luxury experience. From formal and informal lounges, via in-home gyms, spas and salons, to different types of kitchens for different activities, uber-luxury is defined by large spaces to luxuriate in. 

An uber-luxury property should include ample bathrooms, multiple areas to relax in, and even the more functional elements should come oversized as normal, from walk-in wardrobes to wet rooms. 

Room to move comfortably around a property exemplifies luxury, a sensation that can be amplified by good storage – an uber-luxury property isn’t one that is cluttered or disorganised. A well-designed property will include built-in storage and clever use of space to enhance the feeling of space. 

A focus on bespoke leisure is another sign of an uber-wealthy property. As remote working has become a norm, so has more emphasis on home leisure and sporting activities. 

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and gyms, for example. Bespoke cinema or media rooms. Conference and meeting facilities within the property, reflecting the move towards more flexible work practices. 

Perhaps the property owner enjoys star gazing, so a home-observatory might be included in the plans? Maybe a basement bowling alley, a nightclub or a nine-hole golf course within the grounds? 

An uber-luxury property must include areas for entertaining guests – so look for multiple reception areas, large dining rooms, oversized terraces, a rooftop designed with entertainment in mind, and, of course, ample parking. 

Like every property investment, location is also highly relevant here. It’s best to consider uber-luxury properties in well-established areas, with a reputation for certain lifestyle aspects that HNWIs expect. Buy in a well-established, upmarket area, and this will help your investment retain and increase its value. 

Within considerations of location, it’s important to also bear in mind convenient transport options. The one ‘uber-luxury’ means of transport that springs to my mind is a helicopter – with a private landing spot. Garages for multiple cars are a must, and for a car collector, perhaps a personal car wash. 

Look for unique features, facilities and, of course, commanding views. That view is what often helps a property retain and increase in value. 

Sustainability and eco-consciousness are creeping into the uber-luxury sector. I’ve seen increasing use of more sustainable materials, and the emergence of green architecture and design. From an uber-luxury perspective, such properties should include large private gardens, rare plants within the property and perhaps features like waterfalls and living walls. 

If an uber-luxury property is being purchased with an exit date in mind, eco-friendly features are a key consideration. In our carbon-neutral feature, a property will lose value if it has a low energy efficiency rating, relies on fossil fuels for energy or otherwise includes aspects which may be frowned upon in future. 

Technology perhaps delivers the cherry on the uber luxury cake. We are all wowed by personal and home technology, and an uber-luxury property must surely include the latest advancements in home tech. 

A smart home is designed to make life more luxurious, from electric locks and curtains or blinds to automated home appliances, lighting and media. I wouldn’t be surprised if some uber luxury homes in the near future will be 3D printed to unique and unusual designs, using rare and unusual materials, and include elements such as VR and AR suites. 

Being able to remotely control cooling, lighting, heating and the like is still within the realms of luxury but becoming more commonplace. Uber-luxury means investing in bleeding-edge technology, like a built-in metaverse suite, perhaps. Automation is certainly synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle, especially in a home setting. 

To me, what defines true uber-luxury is a sense that the property is bespoke in every aspect – from the building materials via the shape and size of the rooms to the garden and surroundings. What would your uber-luxury property be like? 


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