Why glamping is such an attractive investment proposition

Why glamping is such an attractive investment proposition

The global glamping market size was valued at US$ 1.88 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.1% from 2021 to 2028. 

According to research by Arizton, the glamping market in the US is expected to reach a revenue of around US$1 billion by 2024. 

The pandemic, travel bans and travel uncertainty has made ‘staycations’ more popular, and people are realising they can enjoy a more quirky, adventurous break in their home country. 

Glamping also allows access to some unusual, off-the-beaten-track destinations that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

Glamping is trending – especially among urbanites frustrated with city living who want to escape their hectic lives and experience a rural, more peaceful, relaxed pace of living. 

As per a report published by Kampgrounds of America, Inc., in 2019, 67% of consumers agreed that glamping provides a unique outdoor experience, 63% want their glamping experience to come with services and amenities that aren’t available with camping, and 56% say that they want to stay in unique accommodation. These factors are acting as major drivers for the market. 

With the eyes of the world upon the UAE ahead of Expo 2020, those of us who live here might feel the need to escape to the desert or mountainous landscapes for a weekend – and the UAE offers no shortage of glamping opportunities. 

Desire among travellers to take a glamping trip is highest among those who have had a prior experience with glamping (77%), according to the Kampgrounds of America report, which also reveals that demographically, the most interest expressed is among Gen X and millennial travellers, and especially those with children. 

With millennials seeking cool adventure breaks, instagrammable experiences and lower-cost vacation accommodation, there’s no doubt in my mind that glamping holds a great deal of promise as an investment. 

  1. It offers relatively low investment and high return. Glamping sites by their very nature will not involve as much investment as an hotel or converting a building to an ‘Airbnb’ style vacation home. Glamping sites can be under canvas, in a treehouse, a converted vehicle…all of which mean lower investment for a quirkier, less traditional, and often more appealing stay. 
  2. Glamping’s popularity isn’t fleeting. Since its recent rise to fame in the late 2000s, glamping has increasingly become a travel trend that’s here to stay. It’s widely popular amongst younger generations, who make up a large portion of the general vacationing population. 
  3. Glamping tackles a number of groups, which helps support the argument for investment. Beyond Millennials and Gen-Z, families have taken to glamping. Glamping provides the quality time that many families seek without some of the hardships associated with more traditional camping. It offers wide appeal among those who might never consider camping, and is equally attractive to wealthy and budget travellers, and the young and old alike. 
  4. As we all become more eco-conscious, glamping is in the sweet spot of combining luxury with eco-awareness. Not only are you often surrounded by nature itself when glamping, but your site can easily be made eco-friendly, with solar power, showers and low impact building. 

As interest in glamping grows globally, now is a good time to invest, in my humble opinion. We should encourage growth in this sector, which, at its heart, revolves around bringing people together in nature, sustainability and healthy outdoor activities. 


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