What are AHS Properties’ priorities for 2024?

AHS Properties enjoyed its best year to date in 2023. Our talented team achieved a series of important development milestones and recorded impressive sales results throughout the course of last year. Together, we succeeded in turning challenges into opportunities and capitalising on Dubai’s buoyant ultra-luxury real estate sector. 


During our first year of operations, we built and cemented AHS Properties’ reputation with our distinguished portfolio of ultra-luxury villas strategically positioned across Dubai. In 2023, we harnessed this momentum by venturing into more expansive projects such as One Canal, One Crescent and Casa Canal. All the while, we continued to deliver world-class luxury homes in prime locations to create unparalleled living experiences for our clients. 


Our performance so far stands as a testament to the strength and promise of our organisation, and we have ambitious plans to make this another landmark year. So, what are AHS Properties’ priorities for 2024? 


Supplying ultra-luxury demand 

Owing to significant momentum in Dubai’s real estate market, we are continuing to witness supply scarcity within the ultra-luxury property segment. This situation is being compounded by the ongoing influx of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) into our Emirate. 


As of Q4 2023, Dubai was home to 210 centi-millionaires and 15 billionaires. With our city poised to benefit from further wealth migration, the requirement for ultra-luxury real estate looks set to grow throughout the coming year and beyond. Fortunately, AHS Properties’ commitment to meeting soaring levels of demand has never been stronger. 


With this in mind, our top priority for 2024 is to continue to expand our operations by adding new projects and properties to our evolving portfolio. We will continue to search for premium plots in strategic locations to meet growing demand while identifying further opportunities for expansion. 


At the same time, we will maintain our focus on quality over quantity, achieving growth through the delivery of unrivalled offerings rather than volume. 


Identifying the right partners 

AHS Properties has worked hard to develop fantastic brand partnerships with like-minded – and equally quality-oriented – individuals and organisations. Indeed, we started to see the fruits of these efforts in 2023. 


A notable example was our signing of a strategic partnership with world-renowned luxury design house Fendi Casa as part of plans to develop our landmark Casa Canal project. Not only will this $850 million development encapsulate the perfect blend of luxury and functionality, but it will also help to further enhance Dubai’s status as a global hub for ultra-luxury real estate. 


We also joined forces with visionary architect Shaun Killa, the creative mind behind masterpieces such as Dubai’s Museum of the Future and Office of the Future. Like me, Shaun pays attention to the minutest of details – a skill that is essential when it comes to ultra-luxury real estate. 


This year, we intend to establish more creative partnerships, expanding our already impressive portfolio with the help of some of the world’s most talented architects, designers and engineers. These collaborations will play a pivotal role in the ongoing success of AHS Properties. 


Delivering unparalleled living experiences 

In 2023, we launched our flagship residential project, One Canal. This was followed by the unveiling of our equally impressive One Crescent development. The addition of Casa Canal rounded off what was an incredible year for AHS Properties. 


With prime locations in iconic neighbourhoods such as Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Water Canal, our team is continuing to combine breathtaking exterior design and opulent-yet-functional interior décor with cutting-edge entertainment and lifestyle amenities to deliver unrivalled living experiences for our customers. 


All our offerings boast expansive footprints to provide an abundance of space for occupants. Our residential units range from 4,500 sq ft up to 30,000 sq ft, encompassing pools, fitness centres, spa rooms, cinemas and other uber-premium features. 


Having established a new concept for luxury living, we now aim to raise this benchmark further through the introduction of new and exciting projects that meet and exceed the expectations of our exacting clients. From one-of-a-kind villas to personalised apartments in strategic locations, we will continue to provide customers with exclusive and authentic luxury offerings throughout 2024. Our commitment to unique, ultra-luxury living experiences remains unwavering. 


AHS Properties has achieved tremendous things during its first two years of operations. At launch, the combined value of our company’s portfolio stood at approximately $100 million. Thanks to our hard work, strategic decision-making and unwavering commitment to quality, our team succeeded in growing the company’s total asset value to $1.65 billion by the close of 2023 – and we’re only just getting started. 


I am immensely proud of everything we have achieved as a team and as a company, and I am grateful for the valuable contributions of everyone who has joined me on this journey. With expansion, partnerships and unparalleled luxury living experiences on the horizon, I’m confident that 2024 will be yet another fantastic year for AHS Properties. 


We are proud to collaborate with some of the most prestigious and accomplished names in the world of luxury design and architecture:

Each of our renowned partners bring unique expertise and innovative ideas to the table, enabling us our to create luxurious and timeless properties that surpass the expectations of their clients. Working together, they create not just homes, but works of art that radiate awe and admiration.