What does luxury mean to you?

We are seeing a surge of interest in luxury homes in Dubai – which has long been a global capital of uber-luxury – and even though true luxury is characterised by scarcity, we can all take steps to create a little more luxury in our homes. 

Stamping your style on your property is like creating your own USP – something personal, something special, something luxurious. 

Having launched my own luxury property company last year, AHS Properties, I’ve become fascinated by what actually constitutes luxury. And it’s a very subjective – and often contentious – subject. 

For some, it’s a gold-plated clawfoot bathtub. For others, it’s the latest technology. For others still, it could be a terrace, a shaded garden or a hot tub. 

Heated driveway? Maybe not here in the Middle East, but for some, a luxurious touch that speaks volumes. 

And it’s these extra touches that often make the difference between a great property and a luxurious one. 

Key to the concept of luxury is a sense of exclusivity. I see many villas in Dubai featuring imported marble, ancient artefacts and bespoke furniture. 

But what does luxury mean to you? In Denmark, there’s the concept of hygge (hoo-geh), which revolves around creating your own cosy, comfortable space, embracing nature and warmth. That sounds like creating a luxurious vibe in the home to me. 

Creating luxury in your home is very personal. Perhaps you would like to add electric curtains, a state-of-the-art home theatre system or an oversized shower room? 

One area with a luxury twist we are seeing in 2022 is driven by the pandemic trend of working from home. As more and more of us work from home or adopt a hybrid approach, spending a few days at home and a few in the office, we are looking for the ultimate home office set-up – a luxurious workspace we dream of when we’re ensconced in an office cubicle! 

A simple approach is perhaps best – with people looking for the most comfortable chair, a (standing) desk, and a distraction-free environment.  This year, we are seeing a greater need for delineating spaces around the home for different functions – work, play, relaxation – and each area can have its own luxurious touches. 

Each and every home can easily have its own style, and often, elements that give it a wow factor. While you might not opt for a home elevator, something simpler like a kitchen re-style can be effective, and lift your space up with a renewed sense of luxury. 

But what constitutes a luxury home? It means different things to different people, but in 2022, luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability. Plants, more natural light, and air quality monitoring are little luxurious touches, while the macro-level of luxury – certainly in Dubai – revolves around having your own beach, pool, hot tub, plenty of parking, large gardens and multiple bathrooms. 

Location and views are important factors when it comes to luxury living, alongside having more space than the average home. Palatial hallways, extra high ceilings and wide staircases are all high on the luxury scale. 

Inside, it’s not uncommon for luxury properties to boast facilities more akin to hotels – such as hot tubs, oversized bedrooms with upmarket ensuites, a cinema room, gym, spa and even a private hairdressing salon. 

Outside, you might find landscaped gardens, tennis courts, pools and barbeque facilities that wouldn’t look out of place at a beach club. 

Building a USP should mean creating luxury elements that are personal to you – that could be anything from rare stone flooring to diamond-encrusted mirrors in every room. 

While trends in luxury change and have certainly evolved, I think the most luxurious aspect of any property is very simple – that it makes you feel good to be there. 


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