One-year leave to start businesses in UAE: Initiative will create more jobs, say experts

Source: Khaleej Times 

The UAE government’s initiative to grant one-year leave to UAE citizens to start their businesses will create more job opportunities for citizens and also reduce the burden on public and private sectors to hire Emiratis, say Emiratis, business consultants and HR experts. 

On Thursday, the UAE announced that those Emiratis who will avail of one-year leave to start a new venture would get half of their salaries and also retain their government jobs in order to encourage more citizens to start their entrepreneurial journeys. 

Abbas Sajwani, CEO of AHS Properties, said that as more Emiratis leave the workforce to start their own businesses, a natural gap in the workforce would need to be filled. 

“This (initiative) will create more jobs and, at the same time, motivate Emiratis to pursue their passions.” 

He added that the initiative would help create new Emirati entrepreneurs. 

“As a business owner myself, I understand the time commitment needed to oversee all the details of running your own business. This (initiative) will naturally motivate them to pursue their passions and make their mark in the private sector,” added Sajwani. 

He said Emirati youth are tech-savvy, educated and very exposed to the world through their dealings with expats and their ability to travel nearly anywhere in the world, whether it be for educational purposes or just as tourists. “Therefore, they have a lot of innovative potentials that only need to be encouraged and tapped.” 


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