Lifestyle Of the Rich & Famous: Meet Abbas Sajwani, Founder of AHS Group

Dubai-based Emirati entrepreneur Abbas Sajwani has recently launched AHS Properties, an ultra-luxury real estate company with a total asset value of more than $100 million (AED 367 million). AHS Properties specializes in selling premium estates in Emirates Hills and beachfront villas on Dubai’s exclusive Palm Jumeirah. Currently, the company’s portfolio comprises four luxury villas, with three of them valued at $40.8 million (AED 80 million) each, and the fourth at more than $40.8 million (AED 150 million). With an aim to provide high-end luxury homes, AHS Properties has set a new standard in Dubai’s real estate market. Sajwani commented: “Today, we are excited to launch AHS Properties to enrich Dubai’s luxury property offerings, which is growing in demand and set to boost sales growth in 2021.” AHS Properties boasts a highly desirable and upscale asset portfolio, which includes the coveted and opulent Amara Villa located in the prestigious Emirates Hills. Valued at $40 million (AED 150 million), this property is a prime example of the exceptional luxury estates offered by the company.

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